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For Immediate Release – Cupertino, California – July 21, 2010
Giving Dance Studios a Voice and Parents a Choice
In these difficult economic times, money is tight and parents, students and businesses alike can’t afford to waste even a penny.

Parents want extra curricular activities for their children and many are looking for long term talent instruction and safe capable mentoring as well.

How to pick from the plethora of studios available in the immediate South Bay Area?

The “right” studio may be just down the street, but how do you know for sure Who is Doing What Where and Why.

Obtaining publicity for your dance studio is not easy with expensive advertising rates.

Do not fret dance studio directors and parents, Dance Studio Information (DSI) is here to help!

Founded by Cupertino native, Stephan McLeroy, Dance Studio Information is an internet dance studio listing site based out of the Silicon Valley in California. Currently they are focusing their listing efforts on the Greater San Jose area, but their ultimate goal is to give dance studios San Francisco Bay Area wide a strong voice in the community.

DSI’s goal is to: help the perfect studio find the perfect students

For dance studios, DSI offers a free full listing on the website. This includes the studio’s name, all of their information, a link to their site, a review written by one of DSI’s professional writers, and images portraying life at the studio.

Reviews are written by writers with various levels of dance experience. Reviews also include a synopsis of what the studio offers, a brief explanation of what the studio director is doing for the community, and any other specialties the studio has to offer.

What DSI needs now is more content in their database. Dance Studio Information is putting the word out that they need more managers, instructors and studio directors excited to speak with the DSI writers to prepare an informative article on their respective dance studio.

Interested dance studio directors and managers should contact DSI at: info@dancestudioinformation.com

Interested parents and students, go to: www.dancestudioinformation.com and read the current studio reviews.

Mr. Stephan McLeroy has been tap dancing for 16 years. His first lesson in Sam Weber style rhythm tap was held at Studio 10 Dance in San Jose. While in college, he began teaching at Pamela Trokanski’s Dance Workshop, partly to pay for his education and partly because it was the one thing he could truly contribute to the Davis community. 

While teaching, he found that he truly enjoyed fostering a passion for dance in young people. It was while in college that the spark of Dance Studio Information was born.


printable copy - pdf
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